Who We Are

Hodisol Limited is a diversified company that offers Real Estate and ICT solutions with over 5 years experience consultation for both companies and individuals with customer satisfaction as our core objective.

Our Services

Digital Marketing Consultation, Web design and development, website maintenance, Web and Mobile application development, Graphics design, Video editing, Audio Production, Real estate brokerage, Real estate development, Real estate Investment, Real Estate Marketing.

With Hodisol Limited

Take charge of the digital world

Our Values


Recognizing that this business belongs to our Maker, we entrust all our business transactions, social interactions and all our people to Him, and by faith seek his divine direction, leadership and blessing in everything that we do.
This business is a testament to God’s blessing and love.


We pride ourselves on being a highly ethical company that respects relationships and the dignity of the individual.

We honour all commitments to our customers, employees and shareholders. We communicate openly, accurately clearly and directly.

We speak with honesty, courage and care, recognizing that we are accountable for our words, our work and our processes – as we build a challenging, wholesome and rewarding environment to work and transact business.


A commitment to common goals based on open and honest communication while showing concern and support for each other.


We aspire to be distinguished as an exemplary company and an outstanding corporate citizen.

We encourage high expectations, set ambitious goals, and meet our financial objectives of consistently offering positive returns for our shareholders, growing revenue and assets on a profitable basis.

We must therefore never settle for doing less than our best, while we continue to surpass what already has been achieved.


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